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As more time spent coaching and developing others has passed, I have found myself delving deeper not just into the physical realm of improvement but in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of athletes. It amazes me time and again how powerful the right word or cue (in other words connection with the recipient) can be in eliciting positive responses. Hard work, perseverance, mental game, intelligent programming, superior genetics: these are essential criteria for a true champion right?


We know the importance of a “strong mental game.” We have watched countless movies of people with singleminded drive and purpose whose every step mirrored their ambition. What surprises me is how little attention this gets in the real training world. The focus seems to always be on what is being done, whether it is the right program or if the athlete is moving correctly. Certainly those are crucial, but if we are seeking excellence or maximized potential how does it make sense to assume such a vital component need not be addressed in the same conversation as a tempo back squat?


The individual’s why is rarely examined, as if it is up to the person alone to devise it without guidance. When I say why, I am talking about that lasting prize, the reason you drag yourself out of bed at 5AM to pick up a cold barbell or push your capacity to its limits on an Airdyne. Loving it is not enough; it is an important element, but unless loving it is your why, it will not suffice on the days your bed is warm and cozy, or the nights you want to keep watching TV instead of getting to bed early enough to recover, or when you crave that tres leches cake and think you can get away with it.


This site is devoted to the 20-23 hours we spend outside the gym and the belief that how we conduct ourselves during those hours has everything to do with what we are capable of achieving inside whatever structure you have chosen to bless with your sweat and dedication. Whether you are new to CrossFit and beginning to understand the powerful influence physical health can bring or a competitive athlete seeking more growth and edge, it is my hope that these posts will be an encouragement to push you outside of the comfort zones we all naturally create. I pray that you develop an awareness of the power you are capable of producing if you allow it. And let this be a start to a journey to your absolute potential wherever and whatever that is.

Start here –> START WITH WHY


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